Over the past three years, we have consequently developed scalable prototypes with magnetic propulsion systems in order to stay close to the idea of Hyperloop. We believe in our long-term goal of designing a fully scalable Hyperloop prototype.


The Flying Podsman

Finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition IV, 2019

  • Arc Synchronous Motors (ASM) – a novel magnetic propulsion and braking system proposed by HYPED

  • Chassis made of carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb

  • Fully autonomous system

  • Biomimetics inspired shell

  • Redesigned emergency brakes

  • Top speed: 306 km/h

Poddy the Second

6th place at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition III, 2018

  • Electrodynamic wheels for propulsion and high-speed braking

  • Magnetic levitation system

  • Carbon fibre chassis

  • Fully autonomous system

  • Carbon fibre composite pressurised vessel – the only pod at the Competition able to transport a person

  • Optimised aerodynamic nose cones

  • Emergency pneumatic brakes

  • Top speed: 270 km/h

The Design Explained

Poddy McPodface

First British Hyperloop Pod

Finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition II, 2017

  • Magnetic levitation

  • Rigid steel construction

  • Fully autonomous system

  • Fibreglass shell

    The full technical design briefing of HYPED's first prototype can be found here.

Design Weekend, January 2016

Subsystem Technical Excellence Award