Commercial Overview


HYPED are winners of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge, having proposed a route connecting Edinburgh to London, with a total journey time of 50 minutes. Our proposal discussed the feasibility of Hyperloop in the UK, highlighting the social, economic and environmental impacts. Out of 2600 entries, HYPED is one of ten winners across the globe, is one of two UK winners, and is the only student team to have won the Global Challenge.

Download our case for Hyperloop in the UK, as presented at the Hyperloop One Vision for Europe event in Amsterdam.

H1GC cover
There are consumers, for instance, that would love to go from London to Edinburgh in roughly 45 minutes. And that will be possible [with Hyperloop].
— Sir Richard Branson, Virgin

Research Team


This year Commercial team has expanded its scope of research and has become Research team. We are seeking to further develop our collaboration with companies and stakeholders to expand our scope of research on the effect of this ground-breaking technology. The research team aim to strengthen our proposal for Hyperloop in the UK and explore the solutions that could be applied in other countries.

Research Projects



As the movement of freight is one of the greatest causes for pollution and congestion of the roads, we are exploring the potential of hyperloop system to tackle the existing issues, preparing a study on how the movement of cargo across the country would work and what benefits it could bring.


As for a futuristic mode of transport it is crucial to highlight sustainable development of hyperloop technology. We are defining hyperloop system compatibility with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and exploring the ways towards improvement.

Failure modes

Hyperloop has clear limitations and we are developing a more negative approach in order to predict the ways it could fail and find the potential solutions to overcome potential risks and problems.

Download our first paper on the potential pitfalls hyperloop could face, written in collaboration with the Cargo and Sustainability teams.

Structural design & Infrastructure

Building durable and cost-efficient tube is one of the major challenges and this project focuses on structural engineering aspect of the tube, optimisation and design of it. In addition, looking at the future urban planning, infrastructure development and creating an imagine with hyperloop being a part of it.

Infrastructure Finance & Investment

Defining the space and scope to innovate in the direction of social impact finance in the ways that projects are financed in the UK and exploring the options for financing socially significant infrastructure projects.


Looking at the legal aspect of future transportation projects with focus on legal and political environment prospects, adaptation to existing legislation, environmental and safety laws.

Philosophy of Time

Exploring how transport advancements changed understanding of time and occupational patterns based on historical, economic and philosophical perspectives.