Outreach Overview


HYPED is committed to engaging young people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). With schools, we are developing workshops for which subject choices and career paths will be built upon with students. The UK is in need of STEM talent to build our future and work on projects like the Hyperloop, and as per the Engineering UK 2017 - The State of Engineering report, we are in the midst of "a shortfall of at least 20,000 annually" of engineering graduates. By encouraging young people to get involved in STEM we hope to have a real impact.


  1. To address the shortfall of engineering graduates in the UK.

  2. To encourage more young people to chose STEM

  3. To increase diversity in engineering and technology and get more women in STEM

… using the Hyperloop concept as the teaching context.

outreach at cirrus.JPG

Design, Build and Operate

Our local efforts with STEM ambassadors aims to provide interactive workshops which engage children with the many roles behind projects like the Hyperloop. Subject choices and career paths will be built upon with students.


National Competition

Our national competition aims to interest young people across the UK. Student teams, of any age, are challenged to design the passenger experience of the hyperloop, and in doing so develop the skills and critical thinking which is key for STEM. 

For more information on HYPED Outreach or to get involved please contact team@hyp-ed.com.