How to Enter

Are you hyped about the hyperloop and want to take part in the competition? If you are of school age and have not started University yet, simply follow these few steps:

   1. Make sure that you are within the participation deadline.

   2. Click the submit button below and fill out the form. Teams can be 2-30 students. If you are entering several teams from the same class, you must submit a form for each one.

   3. The team will get back to you asap to confirm your participation.


  • A hyperloop has never been built before, therefore stay open-minded, brainstorm, think creatively and let your mind wander to the craziest ideas. With something that hasn’t been done before, there are no limits!

  • Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Google Account as submissions will be over Google Drive.

Key Dates


March 20th 2019 Deadline

April 1st 2019 Finalists will be announced

Mid April 2019  Winners announced and celebration event


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Contact Name (must be over 18)
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