Interested in supporting HYPED?

HYPED is seeking sponsorship to further advance in both our technical and commercial efforts. As a student team we rely on support from external sources, including the University and private companies with an interest in our team and the Hyperloop.

Please contact for all sponsorship inquiries.

What we can offer:

  • Access to a pool of the brightest and most
    motivated students from the University of
    Edinburgh for recruitment purposes

  • Great publicity. Social media, competitions, press.
    HYPED has been featured in The
    Telegraph, BBC News, The Scotsman, The
    Times and more.

  • Outreach, actively engaging young people with STEM

  • Exposure to other students and engineers
    through global competitions

  • Opportunity to take part in the dawn of an emerging industry

What we are seeking:

Our target budget this year is £250,000 to cover all technical, commercial, outreach program and admin expenses. Aside from financial support we are also seeking:

  • In-kind donations such as materials and parts for pod manufacturing

  • Consultancy hours for design and business needs (inc. engineering, transport planning, costings, investments and more)

  • Access to technical facilities to assist manufacturing and testing

  • Collaboration and networking opportunities

Our Members

Member Disiplines

Our members come from many disciplines across The University of Edinburgh, joining our various teams. We have more than 200 active student members in the team, with the majority being undergraduates.

Our members gain practical and hands-on skills in their fields, applying the theory of the classroom to a real-world project. All in all, we have a very dedicated and talented team gaining skills which will make them highly employable after graduation.

Our graduate members have gone on to work at: Rolls Royce, JP Morgan, Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices, The Red Cross, London Taxi Company, Bank of England, and some have continued their studies at PhD level.



Sponsorship Tiers

BRONZE - £2,500

Small logo on our pod, team apparel and online spaces, a special thank you certificate, constant updates from the team on progress, access to team’s promotional material.

SILVER - £7,500

Same as bronze, but medium size logo, opportunity to invite the team to present at corporate events, ‘creative’ presence on social media and in press such as case studies or blog entries.

GOLD - £15,000

Same as silver but large logo, on top of that opportunity to engage with the University of Edinburgh through the team, organise joint recruitment and promotional events, use team’s prototype for corporate display and exhibitions (subject to availability and team’s timeline), opportunity to present and display at events organised by the team.

PLATINUM - £20,000+

In addition to what gold sponsors receive, we work with platinum level sponsors individually - offering tailored deals.



We welcome all support which ties in with our STEM outreach program. In particular, we are seeking people with a STEM and education background, such as STEM ambassadors within your organisation, as well as financial support to develop our national and local efforts.


In-kind sponsorship, such as technical components and design/consultancy hours, will be assigned an agreed monetary value to be placed in a tier.

Working with Sponsors

For the most up-to-date news on what HYPED are doing, please visit our social media pages.