Have you heard about hyperloop?

Please note: Submission deadline has been updated to March 20th

In recent years transportation shortage has become an increasing problem. Trains are crowded, airplanes are filling the sky, airports are surpassing their capacity and cities are congested with cars. It’s time for a new mode of transport that addresses these issues.

Want to learn more? This page will show you all you know to get started on designing your own Hyperloop journey!


Elon Musk, an engineer, businessman and inventor, came up with the idea of the hyperloop. It describes a capsule or pod, big enough to carry passengers, that travels through a tube. The tube has most of its air removed, leading to a near-vacuum inside, which means the pod can travel at extremely high speeds, as fast as an airplane. This could mean that a route, which would take you 4 hours by train, would take 30 minutes by hyperloop.

As one of HYPED Outreach’s projects, this national competition aims to interest young people across the UK. Student teams, of any age, are challenged to design the passenger experience of the hyperloop, and in doing so develop the skills and critical thinking which is key for STEM.

The Challenge

Does a Hyperloop exist yet? No.

And we want you to come up with a design for it!

While companies and governments are busy talking about which cities to connect, how to build a hyperloop and figuring out the science behind it, your task is to DESIGN THE ULTIMATE HYPERLOOP JOURNEY. Think about how you can get from city A to city B in the most efficient and comfortable way.

Here is an example of what a journey on the hyperloop could look like:

The Submission

The submission itself can be of any form. You could write a report, create a presentation, make drawings, use a computer programme, create a video or come up with something entirely different. Be creative!

It can include:

  • A design of a pod, both exterior and interior

  • Station design

  • Specifics about boarding and unboarding passengers in the station

  • Freight loading/Unloading

The number of passengers that can fit inside the pod is up to you. Range: 1-50.



Planes are fast, but the time to get on it is long. Trains are slower but you can jump on one right away.

  • What will be the best way to get people on and off the Hyperloop at the station?

  • What could be the most efficient and safe way to load people onto the pod and out again?

  • What are the Hyperloop stations like? Do you need to check in, like in an airport? Or is it more like a train station?

  • How would you board the capsule? Do you need a ticket?

  • What are the capsules like?

  • How do you get in, where do you put your bag if you have one?

  • How many people fit into a capsule and what about windows?

  • What is the procedure at arrival?

Being Inclusive

The Hyperloop will transform the way people travel and connect with others. Therefore, it is important that no-one gets left behind.

  • How can we design the Hyperloop pod and stations so that it is they are accessible to people with disabilities,young children, the elderly etc. ?


People get sick on boats, planes, cars … they can also get cramped and crowded. The Hyperloop will also add the additional challenge of having no windows.

  • What can be done to make the journey as comfortable as possible and create a positive passenger experience?

  • What would the actual journey be like?

  • Is the capsule comfortable?

  • Could you get claustrophobic?

  • Would the fast speed and resulting G-forces have an impact on your comfort?

  • Is there entertainment and food?

  • And what if you need to use the bathroom?

All these are questions without right answers. It is entirely up to you to decide on the “right” approach and on what you see fit. You might even see some of these questions as pointless. They’re just there to help you start brainstorming.

Some Hyperloop Figures…


1000 km/h


What effect could this speed have on a passenger?



Requirement for pod design: diameter of less than 3.5m.



Keep this in mind when considering boarding and disembarking of passengers.


Prizes are to be determined, but will be an Engineering experience with one of our industry partners.

Everyone is welcome to use this brief as inspiration for a project, but only UK teams are eligible for the prize due to logistical reasons. We apologise for any dissapointment this may cause.

How to Enter

Are you hyped about the hyperloop and want to take part in the competition? If you are of school age and have not started University yet, simply follow these few steps:

   1. Make sure that you are within the participation deadline.

   2. Click the submit button below and fill out the form. Teams can be 2-30 students. If you are entering several teams from the same class, you must submit a form for each one.

   3. The team will get back to you asap to confirm your participation.


  • A hyperloop has never been built before, therefore stay open-minded, brainstorm, think creatively and let your mind wander to the craziest ideas. With something that hasn’t been done before, there are no limits!

  • Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Google Account as submissions will be over Google Drive.

Key Dates


March 20th 2019 Deadline

April 1st 2019 Finalists will be announced

Mid April 2019  Winners announced and celebration event



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