Have you heard about hyperloop?

In recent years transportation shortage has become an increasing problem. Trains are crowded, airplanes are filling the sky, airports are surpassing their capacity and cities are congested with cars. It’s time for a new mode of transport that addresses these issues.

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Elon Musk, an engineer, businessman, inventor and pure genius, came up with the idea of the hyperloop. It describes a capsule or pod, big enough to carry passengers, that travels through a tube. The tube has most of its air removed, leading to a near-vacuum inside, which means the pod can travel at extremely high speeds, as fast as an airplane. This could mean that a route, which would take you 4 hours by train, would take 30 minutes by hyperloop.

As one of HYPED Outreach’s projects, this national competition aims to interest young people across the UK. Student teams, of any age, are challenged to design the passenger experience of the hyperloop, and in doing so develop the skills and critical thinking which is key for STEM.